Adding Kubernetes target failing

Hi Team,
Adding Octopus kubernetes target is failing in version 2020.4.11 , is kubernetes aks target supported in this version?

Hi @venkat.vnextapps!

Thanks for reaching out. Kubernetes targets are supported in 2020.4.11 - it looks like the problem that you’re hitting is that kubectl is not available on that machine to perform the health check. Octopus requires kubectl to be installed on the machine as a prerequisite for interacting with kubernetes clusters.

If you haven’t already, please ensure that kubectl is installed on the machine. If you are adding it to a new folder on the windows $PATH, you will need to restart Octopus to pick up the new environment variable value, as that is snapshotted at service start.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for the explanation. i will try this.

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