Adding identical process to multiple projects

We have the need fairly often to add new step templates to existing projects on mass, for example, updating a property on all sites IIS AppPool’s The settings required will already be from variables in most cases e.g. #{IISNAME} so the template is identical.

We may have to do this for over 200+ Projects which is a sustainable overhead, is there a way of doing this on mass before we start investigating the API?

Kind regards


Hi James

Thanks for reaching out!

Your best bet in this situation is to use the API to make these changes. You can check out our examples repo OctopusDeploy-API, or even check out a project called OctoPosh which has a lot of helpful functionality here.

You might be interested to know that “Composite Step Templates” are on our roadmap for this year, which would make your life much easier in this situation, but unfortunately, they are not available as yet.

Hope that helps!