Adding Deployable Assemblies using TeamCity and OctoPack

Honastly I’ve tried everything I can think of without any success;
When I try to OctoPack a solution in TeamCity using the “Visual Studio (sln)” build step and adding octopack, the _bin_deployableAssemblies files that usually are copied over to the bin folder when publishing, somehow never get packed with octopack;

Does anyone have any kind of input that can help?
Is there a target file I can change for this to be done before Octopack kicks in?

Hi Stellan,

The quickest way to resolve this is probably to add a .NUSPEC file to the project, and include an item like:

  <file src="_bin_deployableAssemblies/*" target="bin" />

(Some fiddling with the XML syntax may be required - full reference at:

Octopack will combine these with the files it determines via MSBuild.

Hacking at MSBuild/Octopack to do this automatically is definitely an option, but a slow and frustrating one in my experience.

Let me know if the NuSpec option works for you. Hope this helps!


Didn’t work;

I ended up setting _bin_deployableAssemblies as Content and copying them to bin in instead.