Adding an artifact without using powershell cmdlet


We are currently using and I trigger a security scan as part of a deployment, this scan runs elsewhere and I would like the remote process to upload this as an artefact - can this be done via the API by passing deployment ID’s etc from the calling deployment?

Running the cmdlet doesn’t work for me as I cant get the file from the server performing the scan to the machine where the deployment is running easily.




Thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid there’s no way to create an artifact from outside of the deployment context (in this case you’ll be trying to do it from a remote process).

Isn’t it possible to configure your scan so it drops the results (I’m assuming this is what you want as an Artifact) on a shared location that can be reached by a Tentacle at the end of the deployment?

Sorry its not the answer you were hoping for,

For the sake of someone else running into this thread: There are other ways to create Artifacts with C# and Bash, but all of them need to be executed from the deployment itself. More info