Add roles to machine with Octo.exe

Is it possible to add multiple roles to a machine with Octo.exe? If so, how?


Or, if not through Octo.exe, is there an easy way to do it right in Raven? We have a bunch of machines with 10-15 of the same roles, and the ui doesn’t allow us to just copy/paste the roles.

Hi Rob,

If you are using Tentacle.exe register-with, you can specify multiple roles.

If you need to update a bunch of existing machines, using the RavenDB admin UI will be the best bet. You can get the link from the Configuration->Storage tab, then in RavenDB go to the Collections->Machines collection to open each machine and paste the Roles property between the documents. It’s just an array of strings so there’s no harm copying them.

Hope that helps,