Add More Than One Role When Automating Tentacle installation

There is a PS script listed to automate Tentacle installation when provisioning EC2 on AWS. How to include more than one role when running the script?
The parameter is
$registerInRoles = "web-server"
Install-Tentacle -apikey $yourApiKey -octopusServerUrl $octopusServerUrl -environment $registerInEnvironments -role $registerInRoles

Is there away to have more than one role defined? like $registerInRoles = “web-server, windows-service”


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You can specify the --role parameter multiple times like below

Install-Tentacle -apikey $yourApiKey -octopusServerUrl $octopusServerUrl -environment $registerInEnvironments -role "web-server" -role "windows-service"

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Henrik! that’s what I was looking for.