Add Environment Button missing

See attached. Brand new install. Latest Chrome and IE8.

Same on the Projects Page. Attached is the generated HTML

GeneratedHtml.txt (8 KB)

Ok, it looks like it’s a permissions thing. Someone else logged into Octopus before me (without me knowing) and got made administrator. Once they added me to the Admin group, the buttons came back.

Perhaps the message could indicate this scenario a bit better?

I’m having this issue. I am the only user in the install and I am in the administrators group. Kind of frustrating…

Sorry, just spotted this - there’s a new download now available that should fix it.


Okay but I just downloaded for the first time today. RC 8 or 9?

On Jan 10, 2014, at 1:37, “Nicholas Blumhardt” <> wrote:


I bet Nic fixed it this afternoon:

There is a new build for download


Yes! All fixed. Thanks!