Add channel version rule using octo.exe

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Using Octo.exe, we are able to create Octopus channels, but is there any way we can also add version rules while creating channel ?

Basically I want to create channel as well as apply the version rules. Do we have any way other than manually doing this ?

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Hi Kishore,

Thanks for getting in touch, your patience is greatly appreciated.

At this time, it’s unfortunately not possible to define version rules when creating channels via the Octo.exe command line.

I believe this relates to an existing User Voice we have which I’ve linked below;

I’d encourage you to leave your vote and thoughts on this User Voice suggestion as we consider each User Voice when planning our internal roadmap based on community support.

I’m sorry this likely wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, if you require any further assistance or clarification, however, please let me know :slight_smile:

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I see, got it. Thank you for the response Reece.Walsh.


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