Add channel specific suffix to release version

Hi guys,
I have a single project with two channels: Beta and Release. This is regarding beta.

Code is checked into develop, pushed to origin
Jenkins builds the project
Jenkins calls octo.exe create-release --project="MyProject" --server=http://octopus:8081 --apiKey=$ApiKey --channel="Beta"
Octopus creates a release incrementing the minor version (ie last Release was, the first Beta Octopus release will be, next check in will create etc)

When we hotfix we increment our software version. ie released to production. The hotfix would be

This is where my issue lies. The Beta release took the, so the hotfix release in Octopus is not the same as the software version. I would like all Beta releases to be the software version with -beta as a suffix. How can I accomplish this? The nuget packages pushed already have the appropriate suffix, if that helps.

Duh, you can supply --releaseVersion to octo.exe

That’s correct :slight_smile:

Kudos for figuring it out!