Add ability to use run conditions for child steps


  • We have normal servers and standby servers (usually powered off but ELB may choose to power on them)
  • We have setup trigger to automatically update standby servers whenever they are powered on
  • We use rolling deployment and as last step of whole rolling deployment process (last child step) we have a manual intervention step (manual verification qa process)

The manual intervention step must not be executed for standby servers as they can be powered on any moment (during night) and octopus project trigger should be able to fully deploy without manual intervention step.

Octopus introduced some time ago run condition based on variable but this is not possible for child step hence my petition.

Related issue:


Thanks for getting in touch! Currently, this is not something we are looking at implementing right now. Whilst we can see the value of having run conditions both checked per machine and on child steps, it would be a bit out of the scope of the linked issue. The change would require quite a bit more planning and consideration. We would be interested in seeing how much community support there is. I think the best option would be to check out our UserVoice suggestions page. I couldn’t find a suggestion for exactly this. If you can not see one, you are welcome to create a suggestion explaining what you would like to see here. :slight_smile:

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Hi Daniel,

I just added this idea to UserVoice suggestion page: