Add a Note to your Docs and GIT Repository for Octopack about Build Order and Azure Web Jobs

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so i created it here since I can’t edit your docs.

It is important to make sure that if you are using Octopus Deploy to Deploy WebApps to Azure and also WebJobs inside of your WebApps then if you are using Octopack to Generate your Nuget package that you make sure that your WebJob Projects are built before the Website is built.

You can configure Build Order by right clicking on your web projects or solution and setting the dependencies of each project.

In my case I found that I had some references in my WebJob project that were unnecessary, but they forced the Build Order and dependencies to be bad.

In Team City I started seeing these weird errors that looked like

MSBUILD : OctoPack error OCTONUGET: Could not find a part…MSBUILD : OctoPack error OCTONUGET: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\...

Not helpful enough.

Then I came across this Post :
and in the bottom part of it’s notes I found this sentence

"The solution’s build order needs to have the job’s built before the web site (so the job’s artifacts are available when building the site). You can do that by right-clicking the project, selecting ‘Project Build Order’, and adding the WebJob as a dependency of the web site."

I’d bet that normally things always just work out that the build order is correct, but you might want to make some notes in your Docs and Git Repo readme about this.

Hope this helps someone.


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