Ad-hoc task management


We use ad-hoc script quite often to perform one-off task. I love script console, but I don’t like the fact that we can’t save (or manage) them for future use. Would be nice to have some ability to save these ad-hoc tasks and have some functinality to schedule them etc for future use. I really don’t want to setup project for this purpose. Is there any better way of doing this at the moment?


Hi Sujan,

We’re currently looking into improved support for ad-hoc tasks. There’s an RFC in the pipeline about Scheduled Deployments - which should be published soon, and we’re working on a concept we’re calling “runbooks”, which are groups of steps which can be run against one or more targets for operational-type tasks, on a schedule or on-demand.

We do have a feature right now that enables you to run a pre-packaged step template against an arbitrary target, by clicking the “Run” buttom next to a step in the Library

Run Task

You can then select a specific target, or a role/environment, just like you do in the Script Console.

Using this, you could easily package up your code into step templates and run them as needed, though obviously the access control might not be as fine-grained as you might like.



Thank you Jason,
I hope the runbook implementation will be implementated soon. Yip I have been using step templates for my purposes at the moment. Thank you for your suggestion.