Access denied for Offline package drop

Encountered a very similar issue to this ticket:

Trying to do an offline package drop. The first time it worked fine, but all subsequent deploys failed with the error:

Failed: Step 3: Create Web Site ==
12:01:48 Fatal | The step failed: Activity Create Web Site on OfflineDeployTarget failed with error ‘Access to the path is denied.’.
12:01:48 Verbose | Create Web Site completed

I noticed that the journal.xml hadn’t been written to in a few days. Also I noticed a number of the following files alongside the journal.xml named journal.xml.temp-.xml

I was able to get past the issue by deleting all the journal files along with the temp files, then the deploy was able to complete. I’m not sure why it couldn’t write to the journal file, I checked the permissions on the file and they looked correct.

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve seen the error and problem you are describing with the deployment journal when permissions change but they look okay. Generally deleting and then allowing the deployment to recreate it will resolve the issue.
You may have to clean up previously deployed releases and packages in this circumstance as it has not been accurately recording the deployments to allow it to clean up.

We do not have any other workarounds, nor known ways to resolve the error as Octopus needs the permissions to be just right to access the files.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.