About Deployment and Configuration Files

  1. Based on the following documentation website octopus it seems that allows to replace the configuration values on appsettings and connection strings. Does this apply ONLY for these configurations or we can use it to replace a different configuration setting.

  2. We have different environments with different configuration values to maintain and is very difficult for developers to keep web transformation configuration files up to date. Is it possible to maintain only ONE web transformation file (Web.config) and use the Octopus Deployment Process Step that applies different transformations on the fly based on the Library Configuration?

Note: Keeping local copies of Web.config.development, Web.config.test, Web.config.stage, Web.config.uat, Web.config.production … just does not scale when developing multiple applications with multiple configuration files.

Hi Luis,

You can use the “Substitute variables in files” feature to replace other content, please see http://octopusdeploy.com/blog/variable-substition-in-files for an example.

Perhaps the substitution feature might also allow you to do what’s required for 2) without additional transforms?


Interesting stuff about replacement of variables. For what I notice this feature is enabled on the server side. Would it be possible to include that feature on the Octopus Command Line Utility?.

Basically this utility will communicate to the server (using the server api) to retrieve the configuration values from a specific project and run the replacement on a local machine. This would be nice since there will be no NEED to have multiple environment static configuration values on the VCS repo.