A couple application errors from event viewer

v 3.14.1

Here are a couple event log errors caught. Not entirely sure why these occurred. But possibly related to windows update occurred

event_error_1.xml (2 KB)

event_error_2.xml (1 KB)

Hi Ewin, thanks for reaching out.

The error that you have reported may be because of a corrupted Tentacle installation. Can you reinstall the Tentacle and if that fixes the error? You can download the Tentacle installation file from https://octopus.com/downloads.

If reinstalling the Tentacle doesn’t solve the issue, then there may be other errors in the event log under Windows Logs -> Application from the source “Octopus Tentacle” that have more information that we can use to help diagnose the issue. If you could collect those logs and submit them that would be help us to track down the root cause.

Matt C