500 error during release creation


I’m utilizing visual studio online and have been creating builds via the “Create Octopus Release” step for several weeks until today.

The packages are built and successfully uploaded via the build step, however the release creation step is failing giving only a 500 error and no details. There are no events written to the windows event log or the logs of the octopus server. I have restarted the octopus server and tentacle as well. Nothing has changed in the build process for at least 2 weeks. Any tips for troubleshooting are much appreciated.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you send us your build log so we can check the error and its context?



Thanks so much for reaching out so quickly.

It started working again late last night.

I’m now wondering if the 500 error was coming from Visual Studio Online,
here was the only information in the build log:

2016-08-08T02:04:46.7491212Z Environment = Git
2016-08-08T02:04:46.7501210Z Comments = True, WorkItems = False
2016-08-08T02:04:47.2271770Z ##[error]The remote server returned an error:
(500) Internal Server Error.

Apologies for any wasted time.


It does look like it come from VSO, yeah.

Let us know if you need more help :slight_smile: