3rd party or addon to show specific agent's deployment and version

Is there a place or an add-on where I can see what project has been deployed and the versions on a specific agent?

Hi Manuel,

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If you’re using Octopus version 3.4 or above, we began recording which machines were deployed to for a given project. This data is not available via the interface, but if you inspect your Deployment table in SQL, you’ll see a DeployedToMachineIds field with a pipe-delimetered list of machine ids (there is also a relational table called DeploymentRelatedMachines that matches this field.

This is your best bet for knowing which deployments have been deployed to which machines (aka. Deployment Targets), without digging down into raw task logs.

Hope this helps.


Nice! Hope to see this new feature! Just finished to script a sql request that search latest success task for each agent with bunch of joins… It will be, of course, easier with DoployedToMachineIds table in 3.4.

Thanks again for your fast reply!