3.4 beta1 Prompt for tenant project variables?


Is it / will it be possible to prompt a user of the web portal to supply a tenant project variable in a similar manner to the way standard project varaibles can be prompted for?

In 3.4beta1 failing to set a tenant project variable is highlighed with a warning icon on the tenant, but I can’t see how to make Octopus prompt for the variable for some environment/tentant combinations like I could with standar project variables/environments.


At the moment we built the tenant variables to be by default unprompted. If the warning indicates that some variables for that tenant are missing, then they will be unable to be deployed until those variables have been provided. This can be set in the variables tab in the tenant details area. Follow the warning icons should lead to you the variable thats missing. Let us know if there is some confusion over where the missing variable is.

Given that the tenant variables are pulled in at “deploy-time” as opposed to at “release-creation” time as with standard project variable, support for prompted variables seems like less of a requirement since the tenant can be updated, and deployed at any time without having to recreate a release as you would with the changing the standard project variables. This benefits that prompted variables brings to standard deployments is less necessary for tenanted deployments and so did not feel it to be such a priority to provide the same functionality to tenant variables. Again let us know if you feel that this feature is important for your scenario and we will investigate its inclusion in the final multi-tenancy release.

Thanks again for trying out the multi-tenancy features in the 3.4-beta01. We will have another beta out in the next few days filled with all sorts of new features and bug fixes. Let us know what you think!


Thanks for your response. Your explaination made sense, so I see prompting for tenant vars is not required.