3.4.0 , Teamcity Plugin and Tenant deploys, How?


I can’t really find any documentation on how to use the Teamcity plugin with Tenant deploys.
My question is how do I pass the tenant I want to deploy via the Teamcity plugin ?

Current errors is:

[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] Error from Octopus server (HTTP 400): There was a problem with your request.
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] 
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy]  - There must be at least one un-tenanted deployment target in Test to peform an un-tenanted deployment. 
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] Once you have corrected these problems you can try again.
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] If the problem is related to a variable you will need to update the variables for this release or recreate the release for the changes to take effect.
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] If the problem is related to the deployment process you will need to create a new release for the changes to take effect.
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] 
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] Exit code: -7
[11:37:02][Octopus Deploy] Octo.exe exit code: -7

Found out that I can pass --tenant=VALUE , in CommandArgs. Then it works.

Hi Patrik,
It looks as though there was a slight hiccup with the new our TeamCity plugin build. We had bumped up the version number but the code changes hadn’t properly merged in to the master branch! We have since rebuilt the plugin with the UI changes so that you can pass the tenant arguments directly from the TeamCity configuration. This is available in the 3.4.2 version of the plugin available from the downloads page.
Let me know if you encounter any further problems with your deployments.
Thanks again,


I got the settings. But seems there is a bug:

Unrecognized command arguments: --tenant, *

I have just entered * , in the field. så seems there is an “comma” added.

Nevermind found the problem,

Was using the Octopus version: 2.0+ , then I got that error. Worked when I switched to 3.0+


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