2 octopus servers licensing question


We have 2 octopus server installations at our company:

  1. One is an old version of octopus server that is still deploying 1 of our applications to production.
  2. The other is a newer version of octopus server that is deploying 78 deployment targets to production.

We have a valid license installed on #2 but are wondering what we are supposed to do to #1 with a super old version of octopus deploy. Can we still use the free license of octopus deploy on it or are we supposed to be using the same license that is being used on #2?

Hi @lochness198911

Thanks for getting in touch!

The answer here is that it’s really up to you. You’re license covers you for up to 3 installs of Octopus Server, so you can continue using that as long as you like. Alternatively you can use a Starter license of Octopus, however depending on just how old that install is it may not understand the license shape of the Starter license.

Let me know if you have any other questions, or if there is anything else that I can help with.


Hey @Alex.Rolley,

So your saying we can either use our license on both servers OR use the license on 1 server and use the starter license on the old server?

FYI our old server is using this version of octopusdeploy ( )

Hi @lochness198911

That’s right, your main license allows you to run up to 3 instances simulatneously, so would cover you for this use case, or, you can run a starter license on the old server. Having said that a 2.6.5 instance wouldn’t understand the license shape required for a start license, so we would have to work that part out (or, ideally, assist with upgrading that instance to a modern version).

Hope that helps, happy to answer any other questions you might have.