2.0 Manual Intervention for Project Viewer

I have set up a process for a project with some manual interventions.
What I would like is to have some users which pretty much only can view the state of the project and take responsibility for manual interventions.
When reading about the permissions, the Project viewer sounds perfect because it has “Take responsibility for and submit interruptions generated during deployments when the user is in a designated responsible team (restrictable to projects, environments)”
However when I set up a user with access to this for the appropriate environments it is not possible for this user to resolve the manual intervention.

When the user goes to the deployment page it shows up as pretty much completely empty. The window for the manual intervention is hidden and no information of the deploy is visible.

If I change the same user to Project Contributor instead, and change nothing else, then it works just fine. But I don’t want the approval people to have contribution permissions.

Have I misunderstood something about this permission or is this a bug?

Thanks for getting in touch, I think this is a UI bug. We’ll track it via: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/573